Monday, August 22, 2011

Just a Snippet

This silly little video is random and a bit disconnected, but there are many cute personality quirks in this menagerie and I can't seem to find the time to present them in an organized, logical manner, so I'm just gonna toss some stuff out there as I am able to capture it.

In a nutshell, when you have no eyes and are mostly deaf, the concept of time has no matter. 'Amazing' Grace is not the frail girl ~ she lets out one clear, loud bark to announce that she has a need ("Potty-Water-Cookie") and it is our responsibility to respond and determine which. I respond with the potty option first to avoid accidents. Often, potty is not the right answer and her response makes me laugh. Paddington would politely walk out two steps, turn around and walk right back in, but not our sassy Texan.

I apologize for the poor narration ~ I talk to them like this all the time and didn't create a production piece. I hope it brings a small smile. The inmates run the asylum.

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