Monday, June 7, 2010

On a Roll for June-- By Rachel

It has been a rollercoaster since USA Today hit. There have been so many new supporters, so many kind emails to return, so touching stories! If you have sent us an email, we thank you for your patience, as we are dedicated to returning each one personally. Hang in there as we filter through the hundreds of communications we have received over the last six days.

This promises to be a big month for other reasons as well..... On Friday June 11, Saturday June 12, and Sunday June 13, we will be hosting a booth at the Western States Horse Expo, at Cal Expo center, in the new dog pavilion. Last year 70,000 attended this fantastic annual event, so we have high hopes of meeting lots of new people and spreading the news of our work. If you have a chance, please come by our booth and say hello!

Meanwhile, back in real life, the animals keep us happy and busy. Homer, our superstar pig, had his first lesson to learn some tricks and to walk on a leash, so he can someday come with us for public appearances. We found a wonderful lady who only lives a short few minutes away who was willing to come out and teach us her extremely gentle and kind "pig whispering" methods. Homer, in true celebrity style did not make an appearance for the first 30 minutes we were looking for him to start this session, but eventually wandered out from the neighbor's barn to investigate. He seemed to really like Diane, who gave him treats, got him coming to his name, and got him to flop on his side for a belly pet. She was very impressed at Homer's good nature, despite his lack of training before maturity and his rough beginnings. We really hope that we can further add to Homer's (already pretty darned high) quality of life by giving him some additional stimulation. He is really "some pig"!

We are also getting a couple of new additions to the group--an elderly Boston Terrier, Grace, who is coming to us for hospice care, and an elderly Paso Fino gelding. I will wait to let Dee and Woody take some photos to give them a proper introduction, but there is a preview.


DeborahB said...

Just read your touching story in USA Today, and couldn't get to the donation page fast enough. I have 3 dogs myself, one is older, 10 years old, and VERY medically challenged. If I ever had to give him up for any reason (which I hope to never have to do) it would make me feel so much better knowing there are places like yours out there for him. Keep on doing this very important work. On behalf of elderly pet owners, we thank you.

Rachel C. said...

Thank you Deborah! That is so kind! Give your fur baby a hug for us.