Monday, June 14, 2010

Chip comes home-- By Rachel

There has been so much activity, so much growth, and so many positive new people coming into our lives over the past few weeks, that sometimes life begins to feel a bit surreal. One of the animals' biggest gifts however is that they demonstrate how to stay grounded and in the moment. Ultimately the animals are the beginning, middle, and end to all of this wonderful craziness, and there is big comfort in knowing that they are the rock in the middle of the hurricane.

The best thing that happened this weekend at horse expo, which was jam packed with networking and sharing our mission, was that we found Chip. He is a darling 14 year old Sheltie, who had been in a very nice foster home through Sheltie rescue for about 6 months, but showed little hope of being adopted due to his age. His wonderful foster mom described him as being a "pistol", and he has certainly lived up to his reputation since coming home last night. He is already bonding with Joy, our young deaf Boston Terrier, and seems to be making himself right at home. Congratulations Chip, on your new digs. We love you already, and look forward to sharing your story as it unfolds.....

Images provided by Ann Ranlett-- She and her friend Sandy graciously brought Chip home from the Horse Expo so he could ride in the air conditioning, and then waited with him until Woody was ready to introduce him into the rest of the pack.

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