Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ides of March?? Bring it on!-- By Rachel

March is flying by and April is shaping up to be a busy month! Our Second Saturday open house this past week was a blast as usual. It was a little bit slower than last month, which gave us more time to spend on giving tours and getting to know new friends who dropped in to pay us a visit! It was a beautiful day, and the animals were all enjoying relaxing in the sun after the rain. At one point, no less than five horses out in the pasture were laying in a row, taking a nap and soaking in some rays. Valentine the baby goat also enjoyed his nap, but prefers to take it in a feed bucket. Watch out little man, or the horses might start getting ideas!

Next Saturday we will be supporting our friends from the Help to Recovery Program by marching with Team Easter Seals in the California Brain Injury Association's Third Annual Walk for Thought at William Land Park. Last year, we brought a couple dogs, and HTR was generous enough to allow us to share its booth. We are planning the same for this year. All procedes go to support brain injury services and prevention in the state of California. It is a great cause,and we hope to see you there!

The virtual ranch is up and running at full speed. We are now registered with EBAY Giving Works, so that sellers may choose to donate a portion of their auction sales to us. Thanks a million to the generous souls who have done that already-- we may not know you face to face, but we feel your love and support! Our spokes pig, Homer, is now on Facebook and Twitter! He posts regularly, so look him up under Homer Le Porc (French for 'the pig'). One of Homer's first missions is to help us meet our goal of 5,000 A Chance for Bliss Facebook fans by April 1. As of this writing we are up to 268, so our goal is lofty, but I have faith that our supporters will come through for us!

Why do we need so many Facebook fans by April 1 you ask??? Because we will be competing for a grant from Pepsi during the entire month of APRIL on their Refresh Everything website, and we need all the votes we can get! This grant would cover food for the animals for AN ENTIRE YEAR!! THATS HUGE!! You can help us win this grant by doing two things 1. Become a fan of A Chance for Bliss on Facebook, where we will be giving instructions on how to register to vote on the Pepsi website 2. Vote once a day every day throughout April, and encourage your friends to do the same. This is a great way to make a huge financial contribution without spending a dime.

Until next time, happy trails!

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