Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Valentine

On Tuesday February 23rd 2010, Easter Seals Superior California Help To Recovery Program took our monthly jaunt to A Chance For Bliss. It was an overcast day, but it was a fun trip nonetheless. You see Anthony drove the bus, Karen our R.N. and Jasmine our Rehab-aide rode shotgun. It was Karen and Jasmines first trip to the animal sanctuary.
When we got to the sanctuary we were greeted by Deanna and Woody. For the first time I can remember they had no work for us. It was great because we got to play with the doggies. I got to play with my new favorite dog Jill, I call her Chili-Dog. She just jumped on my lap and did not want to get off my lap for anything. We met a new baby goat named Valentine. She was only 13 days old. Heather fell in love with that goat; they could not be separated until we left. However, I did serenade Valentine while she was on my lap. The most memorable part of the trip for me, was when Jasmine our Rehab-aide told me about her weekend, she told me her boyfriend was trying to annoy her by saying Huh every chance he got. You see, that’s what I always do to everybody. Remember take a tip from the dogs, don’t pre-judge us by our skin color sniff our feet a little, then you judge what is in our heart.

Easter Seals Superior California
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