Thursday, January 13, 2011

Holiday Shoppe Success

From Tony greeting you when you walked in the door to the aroma of chocolate chip cookies, the ambiance of the Holidays was everywhere. You could hear festive Holiday music in every nook and cranny of our HTR Shoppe. Anthony and Lawrence served apple-cider and cookies from our “snack shack”. Les was busy selling raffle tickets, for our fabulous prizes. Al our friendly cashier would ring up your sale, with flair and pizzazz. On a couple of occasions Deanna of A Chance for Bliss brought animals along for a visit. The “star” hands-down was “Gordo”, the corpulent and rotund bunny that everyone wanted to see and touch. I want to thank the many community organizations for donating prizes for the raffle. Now a drum roll please…….the grand total that we will donate to A Chance for Bliss this year will be, wait a minute. First I would like to thank all of the shoppers who made our Shoppe a success. The grand total is $1345.93!

Thanks Hector

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