Tuesday, November 2, 2010


On Tuesday October 26th 2010, Easter Seals Superior California HTR program went on our monthly visit to A Chance For Bliss, an animal sanctuary in Penryn California. It was a great trip with everyone singing and laughing. Anthony drove the bus and Jasmine rode shotgun. When we arrived at the sanctuary there was mystery in the air. Deanna had somebody filming us as we dis-embarked. We had arrived in the middle of a shoot by Emmy award winning cinematographer Ken Day and Emmy award winning Producer Joyce Mitchell. Mary Gale was doing a documentary for PBS and we walked in on it. We were treated to the inner-workings of a real life production company. I was very impressed by the members of the production company, especially the cinematographer Ken Day, he was very down to earth and personable. He had not gone “Hollywood” on us. The “crew” filmed members of HTR doing the volunteer work we do. The “crew” filmed Kim doing his magic with the horses, Ron and Steven cleaning saddles, while John and Anthony bathed dogs. Jim and Jillie could not be separated. Jill spent the entire day on Jim’s lap that was perfect for both of them. The “crew” even filmed Al, Rik, and I grinding flax seed. Rik was even interviewed by Mary Gale, I think the PBS “crew” actually liked us. So thanks to Woody and Deanna for letting us be a part of this very memorable and awe-inspiring event. Take a tip from the dogs don't judge us by our wheelchairs, dogs don't see our wheelchairs as being menacing, they just sniff us a little and jump on our lap. Then everything is okay.


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