Monday, October 4, 2010

Al Gets Cake

On Tuesday September 28th, 2010 Easter Seals Superior California HTR program took its monthly trip to A Chance For Bliss. Anthony drove the bus while Jasmine led the clients in a singing and sit-dance marathon. Everyone was laughing, participating, and having a great time. What I remember most about the ride was Jasmine laughing at the phrase, “who does that”, go figure. We sang happy birthday to Al on the bus, we might have been a little off key. When we arrived we were greeted by Deanna, Rachel, and the sight of a new gate. John and Ron V. got busy bathing dogs, Anthony helped them bathe dogs later but first he had to cut cheese. You see medication for the dogs is hidden in small pieces of cheese. Rik and Marcellos were brush cleaners while Al got to supervise because it was his birthday. Jim got to work outside; you see he was polishing saddles. Jill was on his lap the whole time. Steven, Tom and I got to grind flax seed. You should have seen us grinding flax seed. We had three grinders working; it was a regular assembly line. Flax is mixed into all animal food; it is supposed to be good for their coats as well as keeping them regular. So that is why Vince’s manure valet service is in such high demand. Vince is our best valet. Al got to supervise because it was his birthday. The best part of all, there was a birthday cake for Al it was both decadent and delicious. Before we got to eat the cake Deanna had to drive Paddington to the Veterinarian. I think the dog hurt a tooth, I hope he is okay. Remember take a tip from the dogs; do not pre-judge us by the color of our skin. Dogs do not care what color our skin may be. Dogs can just sniff our feet and know if they like us.


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